Deepen Your Voice Through Exercises.

Published: 04th April 2011
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The voice box, also called larynx, is the part of the respiratory (breathing) tract which contain the vocal cords and these produce sound. The larynx is used for breathing, talking, or swallowing. Inside the larynx are two bands of muscle that form a V-shape, these are the vocal cords.

During breathing, the vocal cords are relaxed and air can move through the space between the vocal cords without making any sound. If we start to talk, the vocal cords contract and are moving closer together. Air from the lungs is pressed between the vocal cords and makes them vibrate, producing the sound what is known as our voice. With the tongue, lips, and teeth we turn this sound into words.

In short, your vocal chords are responsible for the sound that comes out of your mouth. The voice chords are a group of muscles, and just like other muscles in your body, you can develope them through strength training. With a high pitched squeaky voice you don't sound mature and people will see that as a lack of confidence or even suspicious behavior.

Smoking can make a person's voice sound deeper because smoking makes the vocal chords swell. That is not all, the build up phlegm in the throat can change the shape of the voice box, also changing the voice to sound more "crackly", while for others it can actually lower their sound.

Voice deepening surgery is a method to lower the pitch of your voice. Although the results are permanent, there is of course a risk of permanent voice damage, and it is very costly. Than there is the method of fat injection, directly in to the vocal folds. This fat tissue comes from another part of the body, and is less invasive than surgery, while the results can be impressive. The disadvantage is that it is not permanent and still very expensive.

There is a proven way to deepen your voice without surgery that will change your life. You can have a strong, deep timber voice that instantly commands respect. With a deeper voice you can get more promotions and career offers, and it will help to attract more women.

It will only take you 3 to 5 minutes each day with a few simple stretching and strengthening exercises, to get that deep, strong and sexy voice you've always wanted. With these exercises it is possible to drop an entire octave from your normal range. With the successful Voice Deepening System you will transform your voice in less than 9 days, just like many people before you did. This is one of the best voice transformation programs on the market today.

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